One of the most powerful tools that fits all from startups to Fortune 500 companies is Storytelling. It is widely used by such successful multinational corporations as McDonald’s, IKEA, Coca-Cola and Netflix, therefore Lithuanian enterprises’ interest to storytelling is on the raise. In fact, as confirmed by the Federation for European Storytelling, the conference “1000 and Your story” (April 22-23, 2016, Vilnius) is first conference on storytelling in business in Lithuania.

Nowadays, content marketing’ focus is stories and the art of storytelling. However, not all companies realize the importance of revealing their story and learning to tell stories so that to attract and retain consumers. Humans relate to emotions not the statistical data. Studies show that content of the advertisement has a far lesser impact on the intention of the customer to buy the product than the emotional response to an ad — by a factor of 3-to-1 for television commercials and 2-to-1 for print ads.

Conference speaker from Canada, Doug Carter suggests that storytelling is so catchy because “Storytelling is something we all grew up with.  Sitting around a fire, listening to our parents or sharing events with others, we all told and heard stories.  The familiarity with them is what makes them so easy to recall.”

As a Business Consultant, Doug Carter is well familiar with storytelling in business. This is how she explains it works: “Presentations in business continually are about numbers, data and information.  Isn’t this referred to as the “Information Age”?  People (and remember that those in business are people too) are tired of information being given to them in the same manner, time after time.  Stories are a way of presenting information, yet doing so in an interesting, unique and memorable way. In fact, ideas presented in a manner that is simple, unexpected and creates emotion in the listener are those that are remembered the most.  Stories do all three.”

The application of storytelling in business is varied, now digital storytelling is very trendy. Ramune Tumasonytė explains it as follows: “In digital environment the context and story gets alive - most of the time people have the chance to replay, add to the story, share it, comment it. Every single person sharing a picture of him using specific product on Instagram is telling a new story. There is so much more to consume and be touched by!”

At the conference Ramune Tumasonyte will tell the audience about successful use of digital storytelling in business and why it is critical to develop knowledge and skills in it in modern business realities: “It is important to understand how stories spread and modify in the digital environment - not only because it directly affects your sales right this moment. It may be the blueprint of the major shifts in the consumer behaviour. And you should be on top of that to stay in business at all.”

Come to the “1000 and Your story” conference to be on the curve and learn how to tell YOUR story. [For more details, please visit ]

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