Vilnius University launches Red Hat Academy

The Vilnius University (VU) launched the VU Red Hat Academy in September. It is a web-operated open-code online educational programme designed to provide academic institutions with access to and to maintain an open-code and Linux-based educational programme. In connection with the new VU Red Hat Academy, a cooperation memorandum has been signed with AB Telia Lietuva.

Ken Goetz, Red Hat’s Vice-president for Teaching and Certification, said he was excited about the VU joining the ever-growing programme of the Red Hat Academy. ‘In an effort to help students learn more about the Red Hat technologies and attain the sought-after open-code skills, we work closely with different educational establishments all over the world. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with the Vilnius University as an important member of Red Hat’s teaching and certification ecosystem,’ said he.

From now on, the VU’s students, teachers, and staff members will be able to study operating systems running under Linux and obtain Linux administrator certification, which is recognised by all IT companies in Lithuania and abroad. The activities of the VU Red Hat Academy will be curated by the Faculty of Physics.

‘The supercomputer at the VU’s Faculty of Physics runs on the basis of the Red Hat platform. After this partnership with the US company Red Hat is brought to fruition, the VU’s students and entire community will have more possibilities to learn and specialise in various operating systems based on the Linux and RedHat technologies,’ says Associate Professor Mindaugas Mačernis, researcher at the Faculty of Physics and curator of the VU Red Hat Academy.

Red Hat is a leading global company developing free open-code Lunix software, and the Red Hat Academy has been offering teaching programmes to the world’s tertiary educational institutions with the right technology and support environment and helping them with lab installation for more than a decade now. The Red Hat Academy’s web-based teaching programme helps build competences over productivity-based hands-on learning and testing.


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2021-09-21 14:46
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